Tracktime Wbesite

Do you think that you are not productive?? Have the idea that spend too much time on your projects. Did you loose those clients credentials and now are worried to ask the client send it back again?? If you have ever thinking some of this questions or if you are interested on manage your projects and time, you should still reading..

Wamp Server

I have made a customization to the original wamp server index.php page. This changes can be helpfull if you manage too many projects on your local server, and instead get lost in an projects list, this modified index.php file will display an eyecatching grid with a picture of the project, which will be more easily to identify projects.

Fisbuk plugin

This is a simple K2 joomla plugin who lets your users publish facebook comments on your K2 articles.
It has the option to choose where to render comments from the different K2 events. If you choose "K2commentsBlock" it will replace k2 comments system.

It can be downloaded from here

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